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Iran regains UN voting rights by paying a fee from its assets in Seoul

Written by The Frontier Post

TEHRAN (TASS): Tehran regained its right to vote in the UN, having paid the debt on contributions to the organization using frozen assets in South Korean banks. This was reported on Sunday by the ISNA age-ncy, citing Iranian Perm-anent Representative to the UN Majid Takht-Ravanchi.
The right to vote in the UN should return to Iran from Monday.
Bloomberg also reported that South Korea paid off Iran’s debt of $18 million from assets blocked at the request of US. The payment was ma-de on Friday through the m-ediation of the American side.
“The [South] Korean government has completed the payment of Iran’s contribution to the UN in the amount of $18 million <…> of Iranian funds, with active cooperation with relevant organizations such as the US Department of the Treasury and the UN Secretariat,” the text on the website of the South Korean Ministry of Planning and finance.
According to the report, on January 13, the Iranian government asked the leadership of South Korea to pay the contribution of the Islamic republic to the UN from the frozen assets in order to avoid losing the right to vote in the General Assembly due to debt. January 21 payment was made.
On January 12, the delegations of Venezuela, Iran, Sudan and a number of other countries temporarily lost their right to vote in the UN General Assembly due to arrears in contributions. In the text of the letter of the Secretary General of the world organization António Guterres addressed to the Chairman of the 76th session of the General Assem-bly, Abdullah Shahid, there are 11 states that have debts.

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