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Iranian army chief visits secret underground drones base

Written by The Frontier Post

TEHRAN (IRNA): Chief of Staff of the Iranian Ar-med Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri visited Army’s secret underground base for drones on Satur-day.
During his visit, General Baqeri got informed of Army’s latest capabilities to manufacture various types of drones including combat and long-range ones.
By setting up such a secret base designed and constructed hundreds of meters deep in the ground, the Islamic Republic has turned into the drone superpower in the region..
Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces also unveiled two new drone achievements.
Bagheri unveiled the “Heidar-1” cruise missile and “Heidar-2” cruise.
The “Heidar-1” cruise missile has a range of 200 kilometers and its speed at the moment of hitting the target is 1,000 km/h. It is the first cruise missile capable of firing from a drone.
“Heidar-2” is a UAV that is loaded on a helicopter.
He underlined the significance of drones, and said that they have found a special place in different defensive, offensive, land, sea, air and air defense areas.
Noting that deterrence is not possible with old methods and equipment, and requires new methods, the commander said that “the drones that we saw today can play such a role.”
Footage published by state TV showed a tunnel, which the channel said was several hundred meters underground, with rows of drones fitted with missiles.

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