Iranian forces should increase power to ‘scare off’ enemies, says Khamenei

Iranian forces should increase power to ‘scare off’ enemies, says Khamenei

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TEHRAN: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said the Iranian people have proved that if a nation is not scared of the bullies and trust their own abilities, the superpowers are doomed to retreat and failure.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and its people are eloquently demonstrating their resistance against oppression and arrogance, with no fear or favor, and this is the underlying reason of world oppressors hostility towards Iran, the leader said.

“Increase your power as much as you can, because your power scares off the enemy and forces it to retreat,” Khamenei said during a graduation ceremony for Iranian cadets, according to his official website.

He took part Sunday in graduation ceremony of military cadets of Imam Khomeini Naval University of Noshahr in Northern Province of Mazandaran.

The arrogance, with the US on top, sees its interests in waging civil wars, supporting terrorists and regional conflicts, Ayatollah Khamenei said expressing sadness that some states in the region are aligned with them.

Iran has been target of the US and its allies’ sabotage over the past forty years, however, it has now turned into a mature tree out of a sapling, he said.

At Sunday’s ceremony, Ayatollah Khamenei presented Fat’h Medal (precious military award) to Army Deputy Commander in coordination affairs Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari for his valuable services to protect the country’s sea borders, preserve national interests, reconstruct Makran coastal area in southeast of Iran and hoist the Iranian flag in free waters during his tenure as Navy Commander. At the ceremony, insignia were conferred upon the graduated cadets by the Leader.

The first round of the restrictions against Iran came into effect in August. The sanctions affect various sectors, such as the Iranian car industry, aircraft industry.


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