Iraq defense preparedness

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According to Arab media, Baghdad has signed contracts with Washington and Paris on the supply of modern weapons to the Iraqi military including artillery. The Spokesperson for the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, Major General Abdel Ardawi has told the reporters that the ministry has concluded contracts with France and America for the import of modern long-range weapons, ammunition, and military equipment to beef up the country’s defense capabilities. Recently, the Iraqi Defense Chief has said that Iraq would develop its defense industry. According to him, the country needs a new strategy to build up the defense capabilities of the army, and this strategy must be based on the fact that the power of the state is the basis of peace, and weapons are a means of deterring those who are plotting aggression against the republic.
Iraq had gone through a very disastrous situation and unusual circumstances after the US invasion of Baghdad in 2003. Later, the emergence of the Islamic State (IS) further destroyed the country’s economy, radicalized the society, and weakened the core fabric of the Iraqi government and society. However, after assuming office the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi has worked tirelessly for the establishment of bonds with regional and extra-regional nations, a revival of Arab unity as well as the creation of a strong industrial and military base to revive the Iraqi economy and strengthen Iraqi defense capability to deter external and internal threats to Iraq’s Sovereignty. Al-Kadhimi government reduced the role of the US military in Iraq’s security matters and also signed contracts with Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, Pakistan, France, and the United States for the development of the military-industrial complex of Iraq and military-technical cooperation to achieve self-sufficiency in manufacturing of military arms and ammunition. The Iraqi government is also endeavoring to establish an industrial setup to start projects for the assembling of combat aircraft, helicopters, and other defense equipment in the country. In fact, a dictator had ruined the Country through his selfish and unwise policies while a democratic and pro-public leadership is aimed at revisualizing the glories of the great nation of Iraq.

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