Irfan achieves 57 Guinness World Records feat

ISLAMABAD (APP): Guinness World Records has approved three new records set by Pakistani martial artist Irfan Mehsood, as he registered 57 records to his credit.

“The three new records registered by Masood included the most push-ups (fingertips, carrying 60 lb pack) in one minute, most step-ups in one minute (carrying a 100 lb pack) and the longest time in a reverse abdominal plank position carrying a 100 lb pack,” he told APP.

Masood carried 58 push-ups to beat the previous record of 49 of the most push-ups with fingertips and carrying a 60 lb pack. Similarly, he registered 50 step-ups in one minute carrying a 100 lb pack surpassing the previous record of 46.

Moreover, he shattered the record of one minute and 30 seconds in a reverse abdominal plank position carrying a 100 lb pack after holding the position for 2 minutes.

Mehsood who was overjoyed over his remarkable feat, said he was also the only athlete to break world records using 80 to 100 Pounds weight.

“I’m the only Pakistani athlete to break most of India’s world records. I have so far broken records of nine countries including India, USA, UK, France, Philippines, Iraq, Egypt, Italy and Spain,” he said.