Irfan’s 28th record approved by Guinness

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani athlete Irfan Mehsood has achieved another feat as the Guinness World Records approved his 28th record of most side lunges in one minute.

“I attempted the record in Dera Ismail Khan in January this year in which I did 72 lunges in one minute and broke India’s Bode Sai Deepak record of 59 lunges in one minute. I have previously broken six Indian records”, Irfan who hails from Ladha tehsil of South Waziristan told APP.

This month Irfan broke two other records which included most push-ups (39) with the finger tips and carrying a 60-lb pack in one minute and most push-ups (40) with one leg raised and carrying an 80-lb pack in one minute was also approved last week. He also holds the record for most side lunges in one minute with 54. Not just this, he has a total of 25 Guinness records to his name, including most full-contact knee strikes 87 in one minute using one leg; Most full contact knee strikes 83 in one minute (alternate legs); Most push-ups (one leg raised, carrying 40-lb pack) 31 in one minute; Most push-ups (one leg raised and carrying an 80-lb pack) 21 in one minute; Most knuckle push-ups 25 (with one leg raised, carrying 40-lb pack) in one minute; Most thumb push-ups 35 in one minute; Most Bo staff strikes 261 in one minute.