Is action possible against TTP?

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Attiya Munawer

The outlawedTehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is an extremist organization whose hands are stained with the blood of innocent people in vandalism at various places besides the teachers and children of Army Public School Peshawar. Despite this fact, the Pakistani government with the help of the Afghan Taliban had agreed to a temporary peace agreement with them for a month on certain conditions, with strong objections from political and public circles to the ceasefire agreement giving the impression that it would not lead to peace. However, the government continued its work in silence. A few days ago, the TTP announced its disengagement from further talks, accusing the government of Pakistan of not complying with the terms of the agreement, after which sabotage operations resumed in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa tribal areas. There is no good omen for law and order in the country.However, in the press conference of the Federal Minister for Information of Pakistan, Fawad Chaudhry clarified the policy of the government that the state is ready to go along with those who agree to abide by the constitution and law. If TTP obeys the law then it is fine; otherwise, we have fought before and will continue to fight.

War is not the solution to any problem, the solution is found through negotiations, and the government has been trying to negotiate with the opposition groups. In this regard, the Afghan Taliban had called for a mediation between the TTP and Pakistan. The acting Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Amir Khan Muttaqi had claimed that mediation was being done between the TTP and Pakistan at the request of both the parties. In this context, the TTP suspended its operations in Pakistan and declared a one-month ceasefire, but at the end of that period, the TTP refused to extend the ceasefire and accused the government of not abiding by the agreement.

It has been the practice for centuries around the world for the parties to accept each other’s demands during negotiations in order to prevent a further deterioration of the situation. The government of Pakistan also agreed with the TTP on some issues, but this agreement can only be achieved in practice if the TTP renounces militancy and recognizes the government’s writ.If there is talk of challenging the state to meet illegitimate demands, then the state will never be blackmailed and those involved in brutal acts of sabotage cannot be spared while the TTP claims that the Pakistani government reached a six-point agreement as a result of negotiations mediated by the Afghan Taliban. It stated that 102 prisoners would be released and handed over to the TTP via the Afghan government, but this was not done, so the agreement could not be extended.

As much as the government of Pakistan wants to be the midwife of negotiations, but the peace agreement on the release of the brutal killers is not acceptable, so the Federal Minister of Information has clarified the policy of the government that the state is ready to go along with those who abide by the constitution and law otherwise we have fought before and will continue to fight. The announcement of the Information Minister of Pakistan Fawad Chaudhry is a reflection of the country’s commitment to ensure security and law and order at all costs. The people were not in favor of a deal with the state criminals already.

A symbol should be set so that in the future no one can stand against the state nor dare to make the common people the target of his brutality.

Pakistan has for a long time been making more sacrifices than any other country in the world to eradicate terrorism with the continuous efforts of the Pakistan Army and other law enforcement agencies today the country is safe from this monster. Pakistan’s defenders are capable of dealing with iron fists if anyone intends to harm it, but there is nothing wrong with negotiating legitimate demands with subordinates of the state, there should be no bargaining over illegitimate demands. The Afghan Taliban had shown the TTP a welcome path to peace, but if the organization wants to move on the path of corruption on earth,then the Taliban government must not allow them to use its territory nor operate in Pakistan. However, it is being debated in key circles in Pakistan whether the Afghan Taliban TTP, their ideological brother, will take any concrete steps against them.

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