Is Imran more important than Pakistan’s security? Asks Sharjeel

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that the Pakistan had faced many difficult stages in its 75-year history, but the chaos created by PTI chief at the behest of external powers is unprecedented.

In his statements, on Wednesday, the minister said that Imran Khan has been targeting the state institutions in a planned manner. He said that parliament had remained the first target of Imran Khan. Instead of giving priority to the superior institute of Parliament, Imran chosen the way of sit-ins and long marches.

He remarked that after comming to power Imran Khan had bulldozed the parliament and it’s norms . Sharjeel Inam Memon further said that Imran Khan had repeatedly violated the constitution and law. He asked if Imran Khan was more important than Parliament? The minister said that Election Commission of Pakistan had been 2nd target of Imran Khan .Imran Khan tried to tarnish the reputation of election commission of Pakistan and Chief election Commissioner, despite the fact that the PTI Chief appointed him. Is Imran Khan more important than the Election Commission of Pakistan?’ , minister asked.

He said that the justice system of the country and courts were the 3rd target of Imran Khan. Imran Khan threatened the Honerable judges by taking their names in public addresses, brought political crowds in court premises and court rooms to exert pressure on judiciary for favorable verdicts. He added that Imran Khan openly disgraced the courts , as a result today the situation of our justice system is in front of everyone. The minister asked whether Imran Khan was more important than our judiciary.

The minister asked whether Imran Khan was more important than our judiciary. The provincial minister said that Imran Khan’s fourth target was the media and journalists. Journalists were attacked , dismissed from their jobs, TV owners were jailed in false cases.