Ishaq Dar: Artificial depreciation of Pak rupee major challenge to country

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: PML-N senior leader Ishaq Dar has said that the artificial depreciation of Pakistan rupee is a major challenge to the country, on Tuesday.  

Talking to the media persons at the Parliament House, Dar said the artificial depreciation of the rupee at present is a big challenge for the government. 

He passed on a message to those people doing the business of hundi and satta to refrain from creating an artificial shortage of dollars, otherwise, they will be dealt with an iron hand.

He warned that the government will not allow hundi and satta traders to devalue the rupee by spreading rumors, Ishaq Dar hinted.

“We will try our level best to keep the market-based rate of the dollar”, he added.

The nominated finance minister said the Pak rupee recovered Rs 13 against the US dollar since yesterday, Ishaq Dar said, adding that due to the improvement in the value of the rupee, Rs 1350 billion debts of the Pakistani nation have been reduced.

He said that he will try his best to control the soaring inflation in the country.

Inflation and utility prices are a big challenge for his ministry, Allah gave us success in the past and Insha Allah we will try hard to reduce the country’s problems, he maintained.