Islamabad Model Prison case

Islamabad Model Prison case

On the directives of the federal cabinet Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) conducted fresh inquiry into the matter related to the allotment of plot by Capital Development Authority (CDA) for Islamabad Model Prison and construction building thereon by PAK-PWD. The inquiry report reveals that green built was also included in the allotted plot for the construction of boundary wall of the building, which amounts to gross violation of not only of Islamabad master plan but also of environmental laws of the country.

The findings of the report further states that PAK-PWD relied upon the terms and conditions mentioned in certificate of possession issued by CDA Land Survey Division but did not take pain to analyze the intersection points, as well as coordinates of the site, at the time of possession nor calculated the plinth level. The FIA has recommended for necessary approval of the Prime Minister to initiate criminal proceedings against the delinquent offices and official of CDA, PAK-PWD and Islamabad Capital Territory Administration. After getting the required approval, the case shall be sent to Anti-corruption watchdog National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

It is a cardinal principle of urban planning and development that areas of green built are included as integral component of master plans of cities. The green built areas and plantations thereon mitigate the impact of air pollution caused by vehicular traffic and industrial units that may exist in an urban area. It is mandatory under the laws of environment protection.

The track record of NAB is not enviable to investigate intelligently and diligently the wrong doings and corrupt practices of government functionaries. Cases are not properly built up by the investigation officers in consultation with the capable lawyers, before submission to the Accountability Courts. Most often professionally at par lawyer with defence council of the accused are not engaged during the court proceedings and arguments in the case put in court. Hence, large number of acquittals occurs.

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