Israel entry in the Syrian war

Israel has formally entered in the Syrian conflict which has made the situation further complex and explosively unstable. Israeli war aircrafts carried out air strike on a military position near the Capital Damascus on Wednesday. Israeli planes fired several missiles from inside the Lebanese airspace on the sights in Damascus countryside in which six civilians have been reportedly killed. Syrian gunners have hit two Israeli F 16s which crashed inside the territory of Israel; the injured pilots have been rescued. Israel have also blamed Iran of increasing military involvement in Syria and establishing a corridor via Lebanon for reinforcements in Syria. This allegation can be a harbinger of Israels’ aggression against Lebanon and Hizebullah Militia fighting on the side of Bashara Alasad regime of Syria.

The Syrian conflict is becoming more complex with the passage of time. Turkey has launched military operation in the Kurd areas of Syria against the militants of PKK, PYG and PYD which are fighting for the independence of Kurd areas inside Turkey. Turkish air force occasionally launches air strikes on Kurdish region of Iraq where a referendum for full autonomy was held. Turkish president Tayyap Erdgon could not foresee the implication of Syrian Civil war in 2011 when he decided to support the Syrian opposition against the sitting government there. He could not visualize that Russia will enter the war theater to save its ally Bashar Alasad from toppling down. He did it in a tacit alliance with the US and Saudi Arabia, but this venture back fired. Turkey had to host millions of refugees and faced a botched military coup at the behest of its NATO alley, the US. In fact it was Russia and Iran which bailed him out. Now the Turkish President has blamed that the US troops in the outfit of Kurd militia Peshmerga against the Turk forces in Syria. On the one hand, the opponent forces of Basher Alasad Regime i.e. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are critical of Israel for declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel but on the other hand, their involvement in Syrian war is benefitting the Israel. The direct victim are the innocent Syrians who have been killed and maimed in air strikes of Russia, the US, Israel and Turkey. Even the hospitals are bombed and turned to ashes but the Muslims states see it as a collateral damage and are silent spectator to the genocide of Syrian people.

It is now or never that the Muslims all around the globe must unite against the US-Israel agenda and policies to disintegrate a number of Muslim countries in the Middle East just to alter the borders at all cost no matter how much blood is shed. One issue that must be addressed that why all the peace talks have made no progress to resolve this conflict. Those Muslim states that are on the sideline of this menace should design a strategy to launch a vigorous diplomacy to thwart the US-Israel plan, particularly in the Middle East because the OIC and Arab League are absolutely redundant.

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