Israel may strike Iran targets outside Syria

Israel may strike Iran targets outside Syria: DM

Monitoring Desk

JERUSALEM: Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Monday hinted that Israel could strike Iranian targets outside Syria.

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority quoted Lieberman as saying: “We aren’t limiting ourselves to Syria. That should be clear.”

Speaking at a conference in Jerusalem, the hardline defense minister did not elaborate on the nature of the Iranian targets that Israel might attack.

Lieberman said that Israel would not limit itself to Syria if it felt the need to deal with “Iranian threats” in the region.

“We are certainly monitoring everything that is happening in Syria, and regarding Iranian threats, we are not limiting ourselves just to Syrian territory.”

“This also needs to be clear,” Lieberman said, speaking at a news conference in Jerusalem on Monday, according to Reuters.

Asked directly whether Israel might target Iraq, Lieberman responded: “I’m saying that we will handle any Iranian threat, no matter where it comes from…Israel’s freedom is total. We retain this freedom of action,” the minister said.

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