Israeli Jordanian Ties and Region

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz recently travelled secretly to Jordan for talks with King Abdullah on Iran and other issues concerning the region. The Israeli media reported that Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi has also met twice with his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Safadi in recent months. According to reports, Israeli Defense Minister revealed his interactions with Arab leaders during meeting with members of his Blue & White party in the recent past. He also accused Netanyahu of sidelining the Mossad intelligence agency, the Foreign Ministry and even the IDF when it came to handling the Iranian threat. Mr. Gantz claimed that the ties with Jordan are a huge asset and could be a thousand times better. He stressed that Israel must work to thwart Iranian plans to acquire a nuclear weapon through an ongoing dialogue with the U.S. and Europe as well as with Arab countries that share our concerns and interests.

Israel and Jordan had culminated their normal bilateral diplomatic and trade relations in the era of Jordanian King, Shah Hussain in October 1994 during a ceremony at Aqaba-Eilat joint border crossing. Both countries were in dialogues with each-others after the United States sponsored Madrid Conference of 1991.

Israel is in continuous efforts to establish its relevance in the region by forging its diplomatic and trade relations with the countries of the Middle East region. For, decades, Israel had faced isolations among the region and always tried to engage with the regional states. However, it got a huge success in creating relations with several important states including UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and other during Trump era. Many other Arab States are ready to get into bonds with Israel but could not make it due to political or other reasons.

Due to active efforts of Jared Kushner, Special Advisor to former US President Trump, Israel remained successful to forge a coalition against Iran in collaboration with regional states. The Arab countries while securing themselves form Iranian aggression had forgotten the threat posed by their eternal enemy Israel.

On other hand, Israeli Intelligence Mossad is actively working to create chaos in the neighboring states by political uprising and creation of armed militant groups. All these efforts are aim at creation of a greater Israel. In fact, the Arabs should seek their security in their unity instead of taking shelter from others.

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