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Israeli PM accuses Iran of trying to evade responsibility for attack

Written by The Frontier Post

TEL AVIV (TASS): Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett accused Tehran of trying to evade responsibility for the attack on the Japanese tanker Mercer Street in the Arabian Sea.

The Prime Minister made the corresponding statement on Sunday at the weekly meeting of the government of the Jewish state.

“I heard that Iran is cowardly trying to evade responsibility for this event. They [Tehran] deny this [involvement in the attack on the tanker]. Therefore, I can say with absolute certainty that Iran carried out an attack on the ship. There is evidence of this, and we expect that the international community will make it clear to the Iranian regime that they have made a serious mistake, “the Israeli prime minister’s office said.

“The world received a reminder of Iran’s aggression, this time on the high seas. The Iranians, who attacked the Mercer Street with drones, intended to strike an Israeli target. Instead, their act of piracy resulted in the deaths of British and Romanian citizens,” he continued. Bennett.

“Iran’s bandit aggression is dangerous not only for Israel, but also damages global interests, namely freedom of navigation and international trade,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett added, noting that Israel “knows how to convey a message to Iran in its own way.”

Earlier on Sunday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Said Khatibzade said that accusations of Tehran’s involvement in the attack on the Japanese tanker Mercer Street were groundless.

He also called on Israel to stop “unfounded accusations” and added that “this is not the first time” the Israeli side makes such statements against Tehran.

On Thursday, the Japanese tanker Mercer Street was attacked in the Arabian Sea.

The company, the operator of the Zodiac Maritime, is owned by Israeli entrepreneur Eyal Ofer.

As a result of the incident, two crew members were killed – a Romanian citizen and a British citizen, presumably in charge of the ship’s security.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry made a statement that the Iranian side was behind the attack.

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