Italians first, newest tact of old practitioners

According to the western media, Italy’s far-right coalition has put anti-immigrant rhetoric at the heart of its campaign for the September 25 election, despite the fact the eurozone’s third largest economy would freeze up without overseas labor. According to the details, Italian far-right political parties Brothers of Italy’s Supremo Giorgia Meloni and the second largest Italian nationalist group League,s top leader Matteo Salvini are currently introducing a hyper-nationalist mantra, “Italians First” that looks set to propel them to power, with pledges to end mass migration, greater employment opportunities, reduction in inflation and cost of living along with an Italia centric idealistic economic and foreign doctrines.

Italy is set for a general election on September 25, while politicians across different spectrums of national politics are using various tact to grab the sympathy and support of voters. Unfortunately, the far-right sebtunebts and hyper-nationalism have been the most effective tools to attract the masses while opportunist politicians are using the ugliest and deplorable tactics such as posting indecent remarks about immigrants and insulting video clips on social media in a bid to grab the support of nationalist segments of the Italian society.

Although Rome’s economy is entirely dependent on foreign labor and wheeling on sweat and blood of foreign workers and immigrant. and Italian industry will collapse in weeks instead of months or years, if immigrants are banned in the country. Interestingly, both right-wing leaders are well known to this reality, that Italy can’t grow without immigrants while native Italians can’t work in factories and Italy’s cultivating fields will become baren without foreign workers, But, they are compelled to spread lies, and state falsehood in the public just to grab power in the country through the shortest possible way.

Besides, open opposition of mass immigration and criticism of pro-immigration policies of past rulers, when asked about immigrants importance for Rome’s growth, both nationalist leaders supported legal immigration and denounced criminals and illegal border crossers. In fact, politicians have several traits, few for public, some for allies and other for foes, at the end of the day, they are only loyal to their interest.