Its own “Truth”. Trump launches social media to “save the country”

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Dmitry Belyaev

Donald Trump’s app is named as the main newspaper of the Soviet Union – Pravda ( TRUTH Social ). The former president intends to promote his ideas in it and, possibly, use it for the future election campaign. We tell you what we know about this project and assess its chances of success.
Social media played a decisive role in Trump’s fate
Even during the 2016 presidential campaign, the businessman actively used Twitter. Talking about the painful Americans, he managed to earn a lot of political points without leaving the web. After becoming president, Trump practically gave up his press service, replacing it with Twitter. With the help of the social network, he announced new decrees, fired subordinates and entered into skirmishes with the media and politicians. The president’s excessive internet activity angered many of his opponents. Trump really often made grammatical errors, wrote ambiguous statements and even misinterpreted facts, in particular about COVID-19 .
Because of this, Twitter began flagging some of his posts as “potentially misleading.” Even then, Trump was indignant and hinted that he needed another platform, where the “left censorship” would not moderate his messages. How it all ended, and so it is known.
After supporters of the losing presidential election stormed the Capitol, Twi-tter permanently blocked Trump’s account. The company’s management believed that his unfounded statements about election fraud could provoke violence. Other IT companies have joined the block, in particular Facebook and YouTube. They all restricted the Republican’s social media operations on their own terms.
As a result, the former head of state and still an in-fluential American politici-an was forced to go offline. This prompted him to start work on his own Internet platform, which, according to the ex-leader himself, should “rebuff the tyranny of large IT corporations.”
The Republican has already tried to get back online
In early May, Trump lau-nched the From the Desk of Donald J. Trump website, which visually resembled a personal blog. Registered users could read the comments of the ex-president, as well as share them in other social networks.
The only page of the resource advertised products with the slogan Make America Great Again, but the button “buy” on it did not work. The project lasted only a month and was closed in early summer due to low attendance. At the same time, the circle of the Republican then said that the blog was removed because the ex-president was going to move to “another social network.”
There were rumors in the media that we are talking about the Gettr application, which was launched by the former Trump team. The company’s management said that they even reserved the @realdonaldtrump do-main for the former head of state. However, Trump ne-ver appeared on the social network. Instead, he annou-nced last week the creation of the Trump Media & Technology Group (TM-TG), under which TRUTH Social will be developed. In addition, the group is preparing to launch its own streaming service.
TMGT went public through a merger with the Digital World Acquisition Group, which is already listed on the NASDAQ electronic exchange. The cost of the combined business is estimated by the parties at $ 875 million, including debts. According to estimates Bloomberg, based on press releases and SEC filings, Trump will own more than 50% of the joint venture, making him richer than he ever was.
The new social network should start working in 2022
Its launch is tentatively scheduled for the first quarter of the new year. Howe-ver, the app, which will begin testing in November, can already be pre-ordered in the App Store.
“We live in a world where the Taliban has a Twitter presence, and your beloved American president has been silenced,” the Republican said in a TMTG press release.
The ex-leader also points out that it will take him several years and large financial investments to compl-ete the Internet project. For this, according to Trump, he has everything he needs.
“For me, this undertaking is connected not only with politics. It is connected with the salvation of our country,” he said in a statement. According to Axios, the Republican-loyal company RightForge will be the provider for Trump’s new social network. She specializes in Internet infrastructure and is allegedly preparing for the fact that TRUTH Social will have more than 75 million users, for which she “lays the foundation” and places “servers everywhere”. This should protect the new social network from possible deletion from the hosting, as was the case, for example, with Parler.
At the same time, two hours after the announcement of the launch of TRUTH Social, hackers associated with the Anonymous group gained access to the private version of the social network, creating fake accounts there, including on behalf of Trump himself.
Using a fake “donaldjtrump” account, the hackers posted an image of defecating pigs and wrote an obscene tirade against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. In addition, they were interested in the whereabouts of former First Lady Melania Trump. The incident immediately raised questions about the security of the new social network. At the same time, against the backdrop of news of the merger, shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) still grew by more than 400%, despite the hacking incident.
Trump’s app could be another Gettr or Parler
For the foreseeable future, TRUTH Social is unlikely to become as widespread as Facebook or Twitter. First of all, because of its politicization. Most likely, the social network will be mainly interested in Trump’s nuclear electorate, and perhaps those who have already received a ban on Facebook or Twitter.
As the experience of Gettr or Parler shows, so far, alternative sites mainly attract people with marginal views, who fill it with the same marginal content. So, due to weak moderation and lack of “censorship” the self-proclaimed cradle of freedom Parler quickly turned into a platform of hatred and conspiracy theories, where they discussed Holocaust denial, anti-Axist agenda and QAnon (the conspiracy theory of the world’s elites, which Trump is fighting against). This led to the removal of the social network from the App Store and Google Play.
Gettr faced similar problems, which was quickly flooded with fake profiles of famous people. For example, an account pretending to be Donald Trump gained 23 thousand subscribers there. Supporters of QAnon, anti-mask and anti-inoculants, ultra-right radicals actively joined the social network. 
As for TRUTH Social, this social network may be the best version of Gettr or Parler, but it is unlikely to replace mainstream sites.
“Donald Trump clearly wants to get his mouthpiece back. He believes that this is his chance. But if he really wants to be heard, he needs the platforms of the giants, which will definitely not allow him to return in the near future, ” the BBC quotes . the words of his tech-correspondent in the US James Clayton.
The expert of Bloomberg agency also agrees with this.
“It still won’t give him back the media status he held so dear when he was on Twitter and Facebook, for the same reason Gettr, Parler and Rumble failed,” the article says. The general public, including the most important members of the media, does not visit these sites, as do most other people. Simply put, according to the media and experts, the new social network will certainly help Trump gather his supporters “under one umbrella”, but not at all expand the audience.

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