IUMS calls on Muslim Scholars globally to make efforts for ‘peace’

KABUL (Khaama Press): International Union for Muslim scholars calls on Muslim scholars globally to work for ending the war in Afghanistan and ensure the safety of its public.

IUMS called on scholars and “intellectuals to strive for an end to the bloodshed” and demanded stability, safety for the Afghan people.

The union condemned targeted killings of scholars and intellectuals in the country and urged all scholars to work for ending the bloodshed and make efforts for peace, stability, and security.

Target killings and assassinations “has dire consequences for the future of Afghanistan as well as for the region”, the Union added, that violence and murdering innocent civilians is forbidden by the Islamic laws.

IUMS “condemns all acts of violence, assassination, and terrorism against religious scholars, intellectuals, opinion-holders, and dissidents.

“The Union considers these assassinations a crime and aggression against the victims,against the Afghan people, and an insult to Islam and Muslims.

“The Union emphasizes the prohibition of aggression and murder,”. The statement read.

This comes amidst raged violence in Afghanistan, and every single day people are evident to a violent blast of a bomb, IED, or targeted killings.