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Jalil Afridi of TFP and JM surprises American, Canadian and European e-Commerce Industry

Written by The Frontier Post

Muhammad Shayan

Washington DC: Managing Editor of The Frontier Post Pakistan, CEO of The Frontier Post in America and COO of JM Advertising has surprised the American, Canadian and European e Commerce industry since last one year by giving big companies millions of dollars business in their sales. 

Jalil Afridi through his companies in America was able to give millions of dollars business to America travel industry giant Expedia, clothing giant Justice and Sullen and leading American shoes brand Born Shoes. Beside these brands many other brands such as Robert Graham, Clark’s, Macy’s, Coursera, Hello Fresh, CitizenM, ModCloth,  Gap, Moneygram and Equatalia have earned thousands of dollars business in US, Canada and Europe.

While speaking to The Frontier Post, Jalil Afridi said that Corona has revolutionized the e commerce industry in US and Europe where people have no time or energy to go out of their comfort zone and purchase something from the store. He also said that when people can do things from their phone then what’s the need to go out and run those errands.

It is pertinent to mention here that Jalil Afridi and his brother Mahmood Afridi had taken over the affairs of The Frontier Post Pakistan in 1999 and Jalil Afridi started JM Advertising in 2009 from Afghanistan. Jalil Afridi said that “I started JM from Afghanistan because I did not want to have conflict of interest with advertisers and other ad agencies.” Jalil also said that he named his ad agency JM after his name Jalil and his brother Mahmood Afridi and the company is now registered in Afghanistan and America. 

JM Advertising kicked its launch in Afghanistan by organizing the biggest exhibition in Inter Continental Hotel Kabul which lasted for three days and more than seventy leading companies of Pakistan, Afghanistan and US participated in it. Jalil said that “the exhibition was so heavily crowded that the hotel had to get extra security to manage the crowd.”

JM Advertising  also did branding work of Emirates Airlines, Moneygram, Olpers, Nestle and Bata in Afghanistan. Jalil Afridi said that his ad agency worked with all the leading news media outlets in Afghanistan and all the major advertising agencies of the world including Mindshare, Starcom, Orient, JWT, Publicis and etc. 

While taking about the e commerce industry in America, Jalil said that in order to really understand this industry one must have a complete picture of each State in the US, its demographics and consumer habits. “You don’t sell airlines tickets to a guy who has not purchased a ticket in years so serving him a digital ad is of no value” Jalil added and emphasized that consumer habits are the most important things when it comes to e commerce.
 Jalil Afridi acknowledged that his company spends thousand of dollars each month on advertisements of his clients on non branded keywords. He said that “Big companies love that somebody else spends money on their sales and marketing.” 

In reply to a question about advertisers satisfaction, Jalil said that in e commerce satisfaction of advertiser is done when there are no frauds in transactions, no violations of keywords and there are proper tracking systems available. “Satisfaction of advertiser is the utmost important thing because when they make money, we make money” Jalil added. Jalil Afridi also assures his clients that they can track his sales from third party sources at his expense. 

Jalil Afridi refuses to share the techniques of his e commerce which has amazed many advertisers on different platforms across the US, Canada and Europe claiming that “who will buy a product through my ad depends on my luck as well.”

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