Jansher upsets over poor show of squash players

Jansher Khan foresees peaceful and prosperous Pakistan in 2019

PESHAWAR (APP): Former world squash champion and world record holder Jansher Khan Sunday congratulated the nation and national institutions the new year 2019 and expressed the hoped that the new year will bring more peaceful and prosperous for Pakistan.

Talking to APP, Jansher Khan wished the advent of new-year that we are blessed with happier times infused with positivity and togetherness. During the year 2018 the great role played by national institutions and especially the armed forces in sports besides taking a bold step for the revival of international squash to Pakistan by holding numerous tournaments which help the players to better their international ranking.

The resumption of international squash in the country is quite commendable and through this way we are able to portray a soft image of Pakistan to the rest of the world.

The great legend further commented that the current prime minister of the country who himself has been a sportsman and the armed forces will keep on playing their respective roles for the betterment and excellence of squash so that we should be successful to regain our lost prestige.

The squash wizard and legendry Jansher khan hailed the special role-played by Chief of Air Staff Mujahid Anwar Khan (NI) (M) for taking bold initiative in the restoration and survival of international squash by holding mega international tournaments of squash in Pakistan in 2018. He hoped that under the supervision and leadership of Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan squash will be brought back on the right path of development in future.

He further predicted a good time for Pakistan, and the public under the current leadership and by the grace Almighty Allah the country will emerge as an excellent and sovereign state of the world.

Squash wizard Jansher Khan also appreciated the performance of the Pakistan Squash Federation for focusing on the junior players and planned a longer duration of training and coaching programs besides providing them international exposures. “Pakistan has immense talent for squash. Skill-wise our players are unparalleled but their physical fitness levels are yet to touch the international standard,” Jansher, who won the World Open a record eight times and the British Open six times, said.

He said in his meeting with the PSF president, he had discussed a plan to initiate recovery and uplift the standard of squash in the country. “It involves good organization and discipline,” he said, adding that much more efforts were needed for resurgence on international level. Pakistan, once the most successful nation in squash, has produced no British Open winner since 1997. He said recently the junior players had good show in Asian Junior and recently winning silver medals in the US 2018 Junior Squash Open. He said without long term planning and focuses on junior players Pakistan cannot achieve to be among top players of the world.

According to Jansher, though, Pakistan had all the ingredients to become a formidable nation in squash once again. “We have great talent but we need to be focused. I’m sure soon we will start making squash champions.” “Squash is a game which demands consistent hard work and training. There is no room for complacency in squash. We will have to make our players physically and mentally tough,” he added.

Hailing PSF president’s efforts for uplift of the game, he said that he had found him a sincere and committed man and believed that steps taken by him would go a long in improving standard of squash in the country.

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