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Javed Akhtar disapproves present music of bolywood

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KOLKATA: Veteran Indian poet and writer, Javed Akhtar has disapproved the latest Bollywood music presented in films.

This he said while talking to literary function in Kolkata. Javed Akhtar feels sorrow for the way the music was treated presently in Bollywood industry.

He added that in today’s musician and film producer are not getting the good situations because there is more razzmatazz than emotional depth in the stories.

Song writer added that besides, the tunes the writers are getting today are not very conducive for writing poetry because of the tempo and the orchestration and adding that the tempo is such that the words do not get established.

The music is so loud and every song is treated like a clap song, he added. Javed Akhtar has received multiples awards for his works, namely his lyrics in Hindi including blockbusters, Godmother, Border, Lagaan and Kal Ho Na Ho.



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