Javed Akhtar talks about his excessive drinking habit in the past

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Javed Akhtar, who had an excessive habit of drinking, openly talks about it while also sharing his experience of quitting the same.

In an interview, Javed revealed that he had a very bad habit of drinking alcohol. According to him, he used to drink due to pleasure and not because he was going through any grief or pain. He says he finally realized it himself that if he did not stop drinking he would die by the age of 50s.

Previously, While talking about it in Aamir Khan’s show Satyameva Jayate in 2012, first spoke about alcoholism. “I started drinking at a very young age of 19. When I came to Bombay after completing my graduation I started drinking with friends and later it became a habit. Earlier I didn’t have enough money, but then after my success, money flow was also taken care of. Then came a time when I would drink one bottle a day.”

Akhtar revealed that he quit drinking from August 1, 1991. He also shared how he managed to let go off this habit.

As per Javed Akhtar, “will power is nothing; it is actually the intensity of desire.” He further stated that “there is no bigger addiction than living”, reports ETimes.