Javed Latif for formal probe into alleged conspiracy that brought Imran to power

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister Javed Latif has called for the establishment of a parliamentary commission to investigate and hold those, who allegedly plotted to bring Imran Khan to power in the rigged elections of 2018, accountable.

Talking to media, he accused the “facilitators” of carrying out a conspiracy against the then PML-N government, adding that the characters who established the monarchy through a conspiracy in 2018, have already been exposed and should be held accountable.

He also demanded that the report of the commission should be made public.
Furthermore, the PML-N leader alleged that due to the conspiracy, Imran Khan, along with his spouse “Pinky Peerni” and “front woman” Farah Gogi, became billionaires, while the price of basic commodities skyrocketed, causing immense hardship for the common people.

“As a result of this conspiracy, two rupees worth of bread is being sold at 25 rupees and the price of one kilogram of ghee has increased from Rs 140 to 700 rupees,” he said.

He also accused Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leadership of spreading lies about the recent killing of a PTI worker in Lahore. (APP)