JI hails commitment of CJ, govt for dams

JI hails commitment of CJ, govt for dams

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LAHORE: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Siraj ul Haq, has appreciated the commitment of the judiciary and the government for the construction of dams and said that the issue must get high priority because of the alarming situation of water shortage.

Addressing the JI members from Rawalpindi at their ijtema , he said that India was blocking Pakistan  share of river water and causing irreparable loss to our agriculture with the intention to turn this country into a desert and prompt steps were necessary to counter India’s plans.

Referring to the US Secretary of State’s visit to the country, Sirajul Haq said that America had always gained its own interests from this country but had never come to our help in the hour of need. He said that the US had never acknowledged Pakistan’s services in the US war of terror and had always been pressing for “Do More:

He said the war of terror had caused irreparable loss to Pakistan’s economy and instead of compensating for these losses; Washington had time and again, placed restrictions on aid to this country. The JI chief however noted that the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister at this time was highly encouraging as China was taking keen interest in Pakistan’s problems and had been offering every possible help and assistance to this country. He said the CPEC was a gigantic symbol of strong Pak China relations. Sirajul Haq criticized the increase in the prices of gas, electricity and fertilizer and said this would add to the problems of the people and farmers. He said the farmers needed subsidy on their inputs. The JI chief called for special efforts to improve educational and health facilities and creation of jobs for the youth.



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