Jirga threatens of blockade of grid station

F.P. Report

LANDI KOTAL: The tribesmen threatened that they will siege the local grid station if their demand for provision of at least six hours power supply is not resumed to the area. The decision was made in a grand jirga held here in Tehsil chairman office, administration compound on Monday.

Under the chair of Tehsil chairman Haji Shah Khalid, a large number of people, representing political, social, religious and various sections of the society from the whole sub-division participated in it. Addressing on the occasion those who led the Jirga were including Haji Shah Khalid, Murad Hussein Afridi, Mirajuddin, Azizullah Afridi, Kaleemullah and others categorically condemned the irresponsible attitude of the federal government and said instead of assist the most ignored citizens of the country, it withdrew the facility of provision power supply that was unfair.

The routine life of the local tribal disturbed due to unavailability of electricity and they were compelled to pitch potable water from water streams in remote localities, they remarked. They rejected the recent direction of TESCO to supply only two hours of electricity round the clock and said it could not meet their needs.

Through unanimous resolution, the participants also demanded the early transfer of the TESCO chief who had turned blind eyes towards their problems.

Giving three days ultimatum, they warned that if their demand was not addressed then they would have no other option but to blockade the local grid station. When the local grid station crew was contacted on the issue they said that they had been directed by the highup to supply two hours electricity to civilians of merged tribal districts in 24 hours due to energy crises across the country.