Joe Biden expects ‘long discussion’ with Vladimir Putin on Ukraine

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US President Joe Biden said he was working on comprehensive measures to make it difficult for Russia to invade Ukraine. The American leader noted that the United States has long been aware of Moscow’s suspicious actions in this area, and that he will have a “long discussion” with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden said that he does not recognize anyone’s “red lines” in political issues, including Russia’s demands on Ukraine.
According to Biden , Washington has already demonstrated that it is ready to use “a number of tools” to counter Russia’s “harmful actions”. The American president warned that the United States and its allies, if necessary, would not hesitate to use anti-Russian measures again.
“I am putting together the initiatives that I consider to be the most comprehensive and meaningful, so that it would be very, very difficult for Putin to do what people fear he is going to do,” Biden sum-med up without going into details. As follows from the material by Reuters , we are talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the preparation of which the West has recently accused Moscow of.
Speaking about Moscow’s demands on the Ukrainian issue, Biden indicated that he does not accept anyone’s red lines.
Press Secretary of the White House Jen Psak briefing on December 3 said that the US wants to prepare for a possible invasion of Russia. “We know what President Putin has done in the past. We see that he can act in a short time. And if he decides to invade, we want to be prepared, ”she explained.
Psaki clarified that Washington cannot accurately predict what Putin wants or what the Russians want. However, the press secretary emphasized, the United States saw what Russia did in 2014 and sees what it is doing now on the Ukrainian border.
The spokeswoman clarified that Washington can apply economic sanctions against Russia, but only with the agreement of its European partners.
Since October, Western media have been writing that Russia is increasing the presence of a military contingent on the border with Ukraine. The Pentagon in November confirmed Russia’s “unusual military activity” near the Ukrainian borders.
The Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced that Russia wants to attack Ukraine. The agency named the end of January or the beginning of February as a possible date for the invasion. A source from the American television channel CBS News argued that the likelihood of a Russian invasion depends on the weather – the threat increases as the temperature falls. Bloomberg sources also reported that Russia is allegedly planning an attack in early 2022.
The Kremlin has repeatedly denied such allegations. The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov said that an information war was being waged against Russia. Its goal is to present Moscow as a party that threatens the process of resolving the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Peskov did not rule out that various “stuffing”, as the Kremlin called the messages about Russia’s plans to invade, are designed to disguise the aggressive plans of Kiev itself. Peskov noted that the Ukrainian authorities may intend to return Donbass by force.
The Kremlin also reported that the movement of troops within Russia is the business of the Russian authorities. “The Russian Federation moves its armed forces within its territory at its own discretion. This should not bother anyone, it poses no threat to anyone, ”Peskov said.
As for the “red lines”, which Biden has now refused to recognize, the Russian Foreign Ministry explained yesterday that for Moscow such a line is Ukraine’s entry into NATO . Putin said at the end of November that the “red line” for Russia could be the expansion of NATO’s military infrastructure into Ukraine.
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on December 3 that Western countries clearly know the “red lines” indicated by the Russian leadership. “If they didn’t know this, I think they wouldn’t be so angry,” the diplomat said.
Putin, in turn, noted that Western countries are careless about Russia’s warnings about the “red lines”. “Our partners are very peculiar and, how to put it mildly, they have a superficial attitude to all our warnings and conversations about the“ red lines, ”the president summed up.

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