Johnny Depp due to scandal with Amber Heard was deprived of a role in “Fantastic Beasts”

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NEW YORK (COSMOPOLITAN): 57-year-old Johnny Depp will no longer appear in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Scandalous proceedings with his ex-wife negatively affected the reputation of the Hollywood actor.

Johnny lost his role in the third installment of the saga after losing a trial against a British tabloid. The Sun published an article in which it was told that the actor beat Amber Heard. Depp sued the publication, accusing him of libel. However, the court ruled not in favor of the star. The judge expressed confidence that the representatives of the publication were able to provide evidence of the published materials.

In the wake of a new wave of indignation against the ex-lover of Vanessa Paradis, Warner Bros. studio refused his services. A different actor will be selected for the role of the wizard Grindelwald, in an official statement.


Johnny reacted emotionally to the loss of his job and posted an Instagram post expressing his opinion and thanking his loyal fans for their support. “A surreal UK court ruling will not affect my fight for truth. I again confirm that I am going to appeal, “- said Depp.

The actor noted that he would definitely prove his case and assured everyone that this story with Amber would not break either his life or his career. “We are with you”, “Keep up the good work”, “You’re right, Johnny”, “Fight for victory, the truth is on your side”, “You are strong, you can handle it”, “Good luck, Johnny,” the fans supported the actor …

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorced in 2016. The actress accused her ex-husband of domestic violence and told the horrifying details of their emotional quarrels. Johnny made a counterclaim, he demanded 50 million compensation.

Amber Heard spoke about the pathological jealousy of her ex-husband. However, despite all the difficulties of this marriage, the actress’s mother dreamed that she would not leave Johnny Depp.

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