Judiciary should not have to justify its decisions: Asma Jahangir

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LAHORE: There should not be a need for the judiciary to prove its transparency, but criticisms would be hurled if judges compare petitioners with the mafia, said former president of the Supreme Court, Asma Jahangir.

While speaking to the media in Lahore on Monday, Jahangir, a human rights lawyer and a social activist, said people do criticise institutions but it was not right for the judiciary to give clarification for its actions.

She added democracy and supremacy of the law run parallel to each other.

Jahangir said it would not be right to say that the top court is a corrupt institution. But, she added, where would the petitioner go if the apex court does not give fair treatment.

It is believe Jahangir was referring to the statements given by Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on December 16, in which he urged the public to “stop doubting the integrity of the judiciary”.

Addressing a Pakistan Bar Council seminar, he had remarked that the judiciary is akin to an elder, wise person whose advice everyone seeks. “Judiciary is your baba [old, wise man].”

He had said, “We have made all decisions independently with our conscience.” The chief justice added people should stop criticising the judiciary for verdicts against them. Judges are not part of any plan or any conspiracy, he said. The people who review or comment on decisions of the court should read the verdict first, the chief justice added.

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