“Junagadh has always been a part of Pakistan”, Nawab of Junagadh

F.P. Report

Karachi: 9th November, the Fall of Junagadh day commemorated after 75 years. Prime Minister of Junagadh announced to enhance the peaceful freedom struggle globally. Junagadh has always been a part of Pakistan, Nawab of Jhunagadh, H.E Nawab Jahangir Khan Ji while addressing Press Conference today at Jhunagadh House, Karachi along with Dewan of Jhunagadh, H.E Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali.
Nawab of Junagadh appreciated the state of Pakistan for inclusion of Junagadh in the map of Pakistan.

India illegally occupied the state of Junagadh on 9th of November 1947 Karachi, He further said.

An significant press conference was held today in Junagadh House on the Fall of Junagadh Day by the Nawab of Junagadh Muhammad Jahangir Khanji and the Dewan of Junagadh Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali.

On this occasion, Nawab said that the time has come to end the rule of tyranny, ‘the might is right’ has become an obsolete saying. Adherence to international laws is the only guarantee of International peace.

He further added that the Indian occupation of Junagadh is illegal. “We have been struggling for the freedom of Junagadh for 75 years and our struggle will continue until the success”, he stated. He appreciated the state of Pakistan for having Junagadh in the political map of Pakistan.

He said that ambassadors have also been informed on the issue of Junagadh. In his speech to the press conference, Prime Minister (Dewan) of Junagadh Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali said that the Junagadh case has been pending in the United Nations for 75 years.

He appealed to all Islamic countries and national political parties to support the Nawab and people of Junagadh in this just struggle. The Prime Minister (Dewan) of Junagadh demanded to resolve this issue peacefully in accordance with the international law.

Crown Prince Nawabzada Ali Murtaza Khanji including Junagadhi community,political and social figures of the country, journalists, doctors, engineers and other honorable persons of the city participated in this occasion.