Kabul-Kunduz flights resumed after 10 years

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KABUL (TOLOnews): Kunduz officials said that civilian flights between Kabul and Kunduz have resumed after ten years.

According to the local officials, there will be two flights a week from Kabul to Kunduz and vice versa.

A number of Kunduz residents welcome the resumption of domestic flights from Kabul to Kunduz and said that due to dangerous land routes to the province, many of their problems will be solved with the resumption of flights.

Officials in Kunduz province say there will also be international flights from Kunduz airport.

“We are also trying to build a field for pilgrims’ flights so that Hajj pilgrims can travel from Kunduz to Jeddah,” said Abdul Satar Mirzakwal, Kunduz governor.

“Insecurity on land routes has been dangerous for the people, and this isolated Kunduz province, so the start of flights had to begin,” said Mohammad Qasim Wafai Zada, chief of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Meanwhile, a number of Kunduz residents welcomed the reopening of flights between Kabul and Kunduz, saying that insecurity on land routes was a major challenge.

“The resumption of flights to Kunduz could solve the problems of the people because this was a demand of the people of Kunduz,” said Mohammad Zahir Musleh, a resident of Kunduz province.

“Road insecurity has caused people to be unwilling to go to Kabul by land, so resuming flights to Kunduz would solve people’s problems,” said Habiba Gulistani, another resident of Kunduz province.

Kunduz Airport was rebuilt around a year and a half ago, but a number of residents of Kunduz province say that a number of facilities at the airport are incomplete and there are problems.

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