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Kabul, Paktia MPs sworn in amid problems in Parliament

KABUL (TOLO News): The new MPs of Kabul and Paktia provinces – whose results were announced months after other provinces – took the oath at a ceremony in the Presidential Palace on Wednesday.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Ashraf Ghani sharply criticized the former electoral bodies over delay in announcing results of the elections and said it was a crisis in its nature. 

“Unfortunately, it was a ‘mess’. Having the results of the elections delayed for seven months was unprecedented in the democratic systems,” Ghani said.

Ghani said government remained neutral on the elections process and that he hopes it has been proved to the people. 

“My commitment was that the people own the elections and any candidate who receives high votes, becomes an MP and represents the people,” said Ghani. 

Due to delay in announcement of Kabul elections results, the parliament has faced problems and although it was inaugurated on April 26, but still has not held the elections for the administrative board and its speaker. 

Some MPs were insisting that they should elect the speaker and the board in absence of Kabul MPs, but some others opposed the move. On Wednesday, once again elections of the administrative board and speaker were delayed. 

Talking about the problems, President Ashraf Ghani said now the parliament has been completed and that the MPs should retain the house’s reputation. 

“Today the parliament is completed, and I congratulate to all the people. You should regain people’s trust,” Ghani added. 

While other provinces have MPs in the parliament, but no one represents Ghazni because the elections did not take place there. Pointing to the issue, Ghani said the absence of Ghazni MPs is a gap. 

He said the election commissions should find a solution for filling the gap until September 28 in which Ghazni elections will be held along the presidential elections.

The Independent Election Commission announced Kabul parliamentary elections results on Tuesday midnight. 

Based on the election commission’s announcement, 33 candidates have gained the highest votes and have been elected as MPs.  

Officials from the election commission said carrying out more assessments on Kabul elections results was the main reason for the delay.

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