Karachi committee briefs Sindh governor on proposals to solve garbage, water crisis

F.P. Report

KARACHI: A committee formed by Prime Minister Imran Khan to solve issues facing Karachi met Sindh Governor Imran Ismail here today.

The Karachi Strategic Committee led by Law Minister Farogh Naseem gave the governor a briefing on suggestions thus far it has discussed to solve Karachi’s issues, particularly garbage and shortage of water problems.

Mr Ismail also put forward some key suggestions with regard to the issues, sources privy to the meeting said.

The ongoing federal government-funded uplift schemes also came under discussion.

The committee is scheduled to apprise the prime minister of its proposals on the city’s issues on Saturday.

Earlier, on Sept 2, Mr Naseem had said Karachi had been neglected during the last 11 years.

Presiding over a meeting of the Karachi Strategic Committee, Farogh Naseem underscored the need to resolve Karachi’s miseries on emergency and permanent basis.

He urged the participants of the meeting to present their proposals in connection with the garbage lifting and its transportation to dumping sites.

The minister said, “Initially a 12-member committee has been formed to address the miseries of Karachi.”

The participants of the meeting reviewed the Karachi cleanliness campaign and the progress of other development projects.

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