Karachi LEA’s Versus Crimes

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Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah has directed the police and other law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to beef up security and enhance the coordinated intelligence work in the wake of expected spillover effects of the ‘civil war’ in Afghanistan. While presiding over the Apex Committee meeting, Syed Murad Ali Shah said that upsurge of the Taliban in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops would likely to rise insurgency there, which might affect Pakistan, particularly Karachi in terms of terrorism and huge presence of illegal immigrants and Afghan refugees in the port city of Pakistan. According to reports, the Apex Committee reviewed the crimes ratios in the province during 2021 and observed that terrorist, target killing and kidnapping for ransom incidents had almost come to an end, but murders and extortion cases had increased by 25 percent and 65 percent respectively as compared to 2020. The Committee was briefed by the Additional IG Special Branch that the rise in extortion and killing incidents was the result of operation in Katcha area. The Police Chief had briefed the Apex Committee about law-and-order situation of the city during first half of the year and projected a satisfactory performance of his department.

Karachi is the largest, densely populated city and industrial hub of the country. This important city is home to the people across the country and feeding more than a million illegal immigrants including Bengalis, Burmese, Afghan, Indian and other nationals over the years.  Karachi is also known as a haven for criminals, gangsters and terrorists because of its unplanned and unorganized populaces and poor Intelligence network of LEAs. In fact, Karachi Police itself is part of the problem of ever-increasing crimes in the city. The Police Department has become inefficient due to massive induction on political grounds, involvement of Police staff in crimes and backing of the criminal gangs by the Police Officers. The current improvement in law-and-order in Karachi is mainly due to continuous deployment of Rangers and active functioning of its intelligence network in the city. If Chief Minister Sindh wants to protect the people of Karachi from brutalities of criminal gangs and Police, he must expel the criminals sitting in the Police Department who always drain the successes of their professional and patriot colleagues. 

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