KarakalPakstan in Mirziyoyev’s Uzbekistan

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According to western media, the authorities in Uzbekistan had arrested organizers of mass riots who allegedly wanted to seize administrative buildings in the Republic of KarakalPakstan, an autonomous state that faces rare protests and unrest over proposed constitutional reforms. According to details, thousands of protesters took to the streets in the state capital on Friday and criticized the proposed constitutional reforms, and demanded an impartial referendum to get greater autonomy for their motherland. Whereas, the authoritarian regime in Uzbekistan considers social liberties and political activism illegal and a hazard to its survival and uses all means to control the situation.

The Republic of Karakalpakstan, a century-old autonomous state of over two million people have hit political unrest and agitation because Mirziyoyev’s regime in Tashkent intended to curb the Republic’s autonomy and social liberties of its residents. According to details, Karakalpakstan is a sovereign republic within Uzbekistan and the Uzbek constitution gives the right to its citizens to secede from the federation by holding a referendum. However, President Mirziyoyev planned to rewrite the constitution while withdrawing the sovereign right of the Karakalpak people, along with introducing civil laws and extending his term in office from five to seven years. President Mirziyoyev’s term is ending in December 2022 and he wants to enjoy the office for two more years, but the public reacted swiftly to the President’s dogma and launched a state-wide protest against Shovkat Mirziyoyev and his authoritarian regime in the country.

After month-long political unrest and violence, the Uzbek government pulled back its plan and imposed a state of emergency in the country in a plea for the safety of the public. In fact, the rulers in Eurasia and Central Asia are habitual in prolonging their rule through self-coined legislation and spongy institutions, hence Mirziyoyev after enjoying the country’s premiership for 13 years intends to be President of the nation for another decade. While people of the region became aware of their designs and proactively blocked their actions which aims at self-preservation instead of the well-being of the public. Although, the people of Karakalpakstan failed the designs of a power grabber for this time, however, they need to remain on guard until Influential quit his office.

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