Karan and Kajol appears on Koffee with Karan-6

Ajay and Kajol appears on Koffee with Karan-6

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MUMBAI: The guests of the night on Sunday’s episode of Koffee with Karan were the Bollywood power couple Ajay Devgn and Kajol.

Once the Pyaar to Hona Hi Tha duo took their seats, Karan asked Ajay if they could become friends now. Ajay liked the idea but Kajol said she will not let it happen. She said he was her friend and he doesn’t need to be friends with her husband.

When Karan asked Ajay why he is so rarely seen at events, awards functions or parties, Ajay replied that he has social anxiety. He likes to do his job and come back home to spend time with family. Kajol said Ajay is just plain lazy to which he disagreed.

Karan brought up the notorious and a very public fight he had with Kajol two years ago and decide not to be friends with her again but it turned out to be a lie. He was rather talking with the old best friend with great affection, remembering the first time he met her and how she used to make fun of his outfit choices.

Karan then discussed their fight that happened two years ago and how they stopped talking to each other. Ajay’s film Shivaay and Karan’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil were set to clash at the box office in 2016. Ajay had accused Karan of bringing film critic Kamaal R Khan to publish negative reviews for Shivaay. After that public accusation, Kajol also took her husband’s side and tweeted that she is shocked at what Karan had done. Her tweet hurt the film director and decided to break ties with him. He even wrote in his book that she is nothing to him anymore.

Karan also talked about that one time he ran into Kajol at a fashion event and avoided eye contact with her. Kajol remembered when she was about to trip over something and saw Karan leaping from his seat to catch her. Karan said he missed her when they stopped talking to each other and wishes that he could take that chapter out from his book. Kajol said she misses him too.

Ajay and Karan then discussed Kajol’s obsessions with taking selfies and then editing them for social media, her habit of never buying anything expensive and how she is always happier with kids or the elderly. For her new interest in taking pictures, Ajay said, “She has never done this in her life and I don’t know budhaape mein aake….”

“Tumhara budhaapa hoga, mera toh nai hai,” Kajol said rolling eyes at him.

In rapid fire round with Ajay, Karan asked which actor of the current generation would look good with Kajol, he said “As a son?” Kajol screamed with cuss words and pointed at her shoe saying “Joota”. Karan warned her she can’t say that. When asked about one lie everyone says in Bollywood, Ajay said ‘I love my wife.” Kajol stared at him with angry eyes and said “Ghar jana hai?” Ajay said he was talking about other men.

Taking about 20 years of their marriage and how it worked, Kajol said that they both have different personalities but their priorities are same. They put family first. Kajol revealed that Ajay is the more obsessive parent of the two and he stays up late at night till their daughter Nysa comes back home.



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