Kareena Kapoor says “I am an overprotective mother”

Kareena Kapoor says “I am an overprotective mother”

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ISLAMABAD: The latest cover of Filmfare’s August issue features Kareena Kapoor Khan who is at the top of her game balancing motherhood and her professional life, all while looking flawless.

the talented actress talks about her incredible 20-year journey in Bollywood, how she’s spending time with family indoors during the lockdown, as well as highlighting the many ups and downs in her career. If one was hoping to get some news on their darling Taimur who never fails to enlighten the media with his antics, Kareena didn’t disappoint.

Speaking about the kind of mother she is, the actress said, “I am an overprotective mother. I am also a first-time mother. This journey is teaching me something new each day. Taimur is also teaching me the kind of mother he wants me to be. During dinner time, we battle it out when he becomes fussy about eating anything in particular. He brings out the best in me, even the worst because even I lose patience sometimes.”

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