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Kashmiris observe Right to Self-Determination Day globally

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ISLAMABAD: Kashmiris are observing Right to Self-Determination Day on Friday (January 5) all over the World, with a promise to continue their struggle of independence till achieving the target of taking independence from the occupied Indian forces.

On January 5, 1949, United Nations Security Council passed a resolution and supported the Kashmiri people right to decide their future through an UN-sponsored referendum but unfortunately the Kashmiris are still waiting of fulfillment of UN promises regarding the Kashmir conflict.

 The January 5 also reminded the long struggle of birth right to decide their future under UN resolution

Spokesperson of Azad Kashmir government told local media that the main function of the day will be held in Muzaffarabad and adding that special and rallies were also held in all nine district of the independent Kashmiri land.

Speakers in these meetings would reiterate Kashmiris’ just and principled stance before the world that they would continue their struggle for right of self-determination till the achievement of the ultimate goal – which was being denied by India for over last 70 years because of its traditional hostile and stubborn attitude.

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