Kashmiris struggle for freedom to bear fruit soon: Assad

F.P. Report

MIRPUR: National Assembly Speaker Assad Qaiseer here Sunday said the Kashmiris struggle for freedom of self determination from Indian occupation would bear fruit soon and the day was not far away when the people of Jammu Kashmir would enjoy their freedom.

He expressed these views while talking to media  at the sideline  of the inauguration of a 500-bed  Jinnah Hostel For Boys at the grand rehabilitation and educational complex of Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT), the largest rehabilitation center for rehabilitation of orphan and shelter-less children in South Asia  founded by a UK-based British Kashmiri phitlonthropist Choudhry Akhter at Jarri Kass, in outskirt of Mirpur.

In his message to the people of Jammu & Kashmir on this occasion from the soil of Kashmir, which  he was visiting today,  the speaker National Assembly continued that Kashmiris struggle for freedom has reached at the climax despite the continuing reign of state terrorism and violence by the Indian occupational forces in the valley where the human  rights abuses were at climax at the hands of over 700 thousand Indian occupational troops.

He called for immediate peaceful settlement of the Kashmir issue in line with the United Nations resolutions through grant of right of self determination to the people of the state to pave the way for emergence of everlasting regional and global peace.

The National Assembly Speaker said that Pakistan will continue its almost sincere endeavors for highlighting the urgency of the early peaceful solution of Kashmir issue at international level. 

India, he said, has unleashed the reign of state terrorism and violence against the innocent people in occupied Jammu Kashmir since over last seven decades where they have launched indigenous struggle for libration of the homeland from the Indian manacles.

The Speaker revealed that he has written letters to the speakers of the parliaments of 178 countries across the world seeking the fullest support of the concerned nations to the early peaceful solution of Kashmir conflict without further loss of time.

Referring to the recent aggressive posture of India that brought the forces of the two nuclear-armed neighboring nations to eyeball-to-eyeball stage, Assad Qaiser said that it had emerged crystal clear before the world that the war-mongering approach of Modi in the region was primarily to attract the vote-bank for his party in the forthcoming general elections in his country.

India, he continued, badly suffered when it practically dared to launch adventure against Pakistan after the valiant armed forces of Pakistan including the PAF successfully shot down two Indian jets for violating the airspace of Pakistan. Qaiser said that earlier India’s  claim  of air strike on so called terrorists camp at Balakot also found a total lie as  her war planes, violating the airspace of Pakistan,  dropped the pay load at  a portion of the thick forests terrain at Balakot in the darkness of midnight and fled away from the scene after our valiant air force chased the enemy.

The Speaker added that our brave armed forces retaliated the Indian aggression within next 36 hours shooting down two Indian warplanes one each in AJK and occupied Kashmir. “I pay rich tributes  to the brave armed forces of Pakistan including the PAF for setting the precedent of their exceptional bravery, high professional skills and preparedness to frustrate every aggression of the enemy for the defense of inch after inch of the motherland”, he said.

Assad Qaiser said that entire Pakistani nation is fully  united to thwart every aggression of India against the borders of the homeland with full vigor shoulder to shoulder with the valiant armed forces of the country.

He underlined that this great gesture of complete unite in the ranks of entire nation was found in the Parliament of the country where all the members showed complete unity and harmony for the defense of the motherland in all hours of trial and threat to the frontiers of the country as and when required, he added.