Kasuri doing false propaganda after expulsion from APML: Gen Musharraf

ISLAMABAD (NNI): All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) in a statement issued here on Friday said that Ahmed Raza Kasuri was expelled from the party for violating discipline and his designs to divide the party.

Moreover APML in its constitution do not have any designation of a Chief Coordinator. APML issued this statement after party chairman General (retd) Syed Pervez Musharraf expelled Ahmed Raza Kasuri from the party on August 12 when Kasuri held a mock central executive committee (CEC) meeting and proclaimed himself as party president.

After his expulsion Kasuri had been doing false propaganda against party and its chairman. APML spokesperson in a statement said that now Kasuri should stop his false and malicious propaganda against the party. APML questioned that under what authority Kasuri held meeting of party’s central executive committee (CEC). Gathering few people around, a person cannot take away party’s president-ship.

Ahmed Raza Kasuri is just trying to put up a mock show. He not even knew the exact number of APML’s CEC members. Kasuri has not been expelled from the party by APML secretary general Dr Muhammad Amjad but the Chairman himself, as he self proclaimed him president of the party. Kasuri was also expelled once earlier, and then he returned after apologizing for his attitude through several videos those are still part of record.

APML statement said that Kasuri use to call himself, a die-hard worker of Pervez Musharraf. Now what changed his mind that he is criticizing party chairman at every forum. It seems Kasuri has stopped receiving money that changed his heart and now he is alleging falsehood against General Musharraf. Kasuri who claims to be an ancestral Nawab used to receive monthly stipend from General Musharraf. And he has done no favor to General Musharraf for appearing before the courts in his cases.

Now the same Kasuri raising objections over the financial matters of General Musharraf. He may have had forgotten that General Musharraf after his retirement became guest speaker/lecturers and he had been the most expensive speaker around the world. Kasuri had been receiving money from General Musharraf while Dr Amjad used to spend his own money on the party, APML said.

A gray haired old man don’t suit this falsehood and immoral language at media. Kasuri admitted that APML now exist in every tehsil of the country. It means that General Musharraf appointed a capable person as party’s secretary general who expanded the party at grass-root levels. Kasuri always tried to divide and hijack the party. After this failed attempt, he turned against General Musharraf and Dr Amjad.

Kasuri could not digest the popularity of Dr Amjad who organized a successful public meeting in Faisalabad. APML from Karachi to Khyber is united in the leadership of General Musharraf and Dr Amjad. APML workers don’t give any importance to Kasuri’s propaganda. Chairman APML General (retd) Pervez Musharraf will soon return to the country to lead the party in 2018 elections, APML said.

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