Kevin Spacey will appear in New York court to face a civil lawsuit

NEW YORK (AFP): Kevin Spacey will appear in a New York court from Thursday to face a civil lawsuit brought by US actor Anthony Rapp, who has accused the disgraced Hollywood star of sexually abusing him when he was 14.

The two-time Oscar-winning star of the stage, cinema and television — whose full name is Kevin Spacey Fowler — has disappeared from public view since he became one of the first performers to be caught up in the freshly minted #MeToo movement in October 2017.

Rapp, who currently stars in the “Star Trek: Discovery” series, turns 51 this month. He filed a complaint in September 2020 against Spacey for advances and an alleged sexual assault at a party in Manhattan in 1986.

Rapp was 14 years old at the time, while Spacey — now 63 — was almost twice his age.