KGB of Belarus announces data on terrorist attacks in regions

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MINSK (Agencies): The State Security Committee of Belarus has information about the preparation from abroad of a number of terrorist attacks in Minsk and the regions of the republic, the customers and performers are known, said on Friday the head of the department Ivan Tertel.

“The committee has reliable information that a number of similar actions are currently being planned abroad (those that were prevented – an attack on a military facility, an attempt on the life of journalist Grigory Azarenka – ed.) In Minsk, Minsk, Grodno and Brest regions. We know the customers and executors, the work on documenting and suppressing their criminal activities is in an active phase. We will bring the details to the public in due time,” the state newspaper SB. Belarus Today quotes Tertel as saying on its website.

At the same time, Tertel pointed out that, although the special services of individual Western states are aware of the terrorists’ plans, “they are not taking measures to localize their activities on their territory.”

Belarus is virtually in the stage of repulsing hybrid aggression of the collective West.

Chairman of the State Security Committee of Belarus Ivan Tertel made the statement as Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with government officials on 30 July to discuss urgent issues of the public and political situation, BelTA has learned.

The head of the department Ivan Tertel said: “Evaluating the state of the domestic political situation and the international situation around our country, the State Security Committee states that despite external calm and the absence of attempts to organize mass riots since April, we are now virtually in the stage of repulsing hybrid aggression of the collective West.”

In his words, foiled attempts to stage a coup in H2 2020 and the resumption of protest actions in spring 2021 have evolved into the stage of economic choking and the formation of conditions for splitting the state system.

“Policy-shaping circles of the West are considering various options for deposing the Belarusian government as a necessary condition for securing their geopolitical interests in Eastern Europe.

The use of military force is one of the options,” the KGB chief noted.

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