KGMC dean’s appointment against PMDC rules: Health experts say

Wisal Yousafzai
PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cabinet has approve female dean for Khyber Girls Medical Collage Peshawar while a resolution has also submitted in the provincial assembly for the amendment in MTI act and appointment of female dean in KGMC.
Member Provincial Assembly from Qomi Watan Party Miraj Hamayun Khan had submit a resolution in the provincial assembly to amendment in the Medical Teaching Institution Act 2015 to appoint female dean faculty for Khyber Girls Medical Collage Peshawar.
Interestingly in the rules of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) there was no rules for female deans for girls medical collage while in KGMC there were 95% staff of male faculty while only five percent female faculty staff.
A meeting of Academic Council Khyber Girls Medical Collage Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar was held under the chairmanship of Dean Professor Muhammad Noor in which appointment of dean for the KGMC was discussed.
A member of the board while talking with The Frontier Post on the condition to be not mention his name said that only one female faculty staff were try her best for the dean of KGMC and she approach to CM as well as to the provincial assembly to made amendment in Medical Teaching Institution Act 2015.
He informed that in the PMDC rules there was no rules to be selected female dean for girls medical college, adding that 90 % are male staff in the collage as it was also violation of their rights as the rules and act if passed from the assembly will violate male faculty.
He further suggested that still the BOG not highlight the criteria for the selection of dean for KGMC, adding that in the previous selection for deans such tactics were adopted and the government selected deans which are near to them.
He lamented that the BOG should declare and announce properly all the degree and criteria in the newspaper and all marks should also announce through which the selection of deans for KGMC made possible on merit.
When contacted with Dean of Khyber Girls Medical Collage Peshawar Professor Dr. Noor , he said that already the assembly has passed the bill and the secretary health has asked the BOG to appoint female dean for the collage.
He further said that three staff of the collage including Professor Dr. Iqbal Begum, Professor Sabina Aziz, and Dr.Tauseef Aman has forward the idea of female dean and meet with the political figure to pass it from the provincial assembly.
He further said that according to the amendment it was suggested that as KTH and KCD has separate deans and it was also suggested for the KGMC, adding that we are not sure that in the original MTI-Act 2015 amendment was done or not.
He inform that in the previous dean appointment the female faculty were also in the interview for the selection of dean , adding that the fourth years students of the collage give vote to the male faculty for the selection of dean rather than female staff for the collage.
He further added that for the deans he must be look to the research as well as administration of the collage, adding that in KGMC there was 250 staff in which 95 % were male staff while only 5 % were female staff.
Professor Dr. Noor added that the college has 36 members academic council and if the deans not match the criteria and not fulfill their duties the academic council can impeach the dean as it is the supreme body of the collage.
He lamented that in Punjab, Sindh and in Baluchistan there were girls medical college but there were male dean rather than female deans in those collages, adding that it is discrimination of male staff and against human rights and equal opportunities rights to be selected female deans for the collage.