Khairkhah stressed promoting study culture

KABUL (Agencies): The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Acting Information and Culture Minister, Mullah Khairullah Khairkhah stressed promoting study culture and timely access of people to information in the country.
Minister of Culture, visit the department of Information and Culture of Nangarhar during his trip to that province he said, “Departments of Information and Culture all over Afghanistan have the responsibility to provide timely information to the people in addition to launching cultural programs, to promote the culture of study in the society.” he stressed for launching programs that are by Afghan and Islamic values.”
Mullah Khairkhah spoke about the efforts of the Ministry of Information and Culture to strengthen and support government and private media.
“The Ministry of Information and Culture is striving to support and strengthen Afghanistan’s private media in addition to the government media and provide them with the necessary facilities,” he added.
He said that the ministry of culture will provide facilities for the directorates of information and culture and solve their problems, taking into account its facilities.
During his visit, the officials of the Nangarhar Information and Culture department along with reporting on their activities raised their challenges and problems and asked the top. management of the Ministry to address the problems.