Kidnapping case registered

Salman Yousafzai

PESHAWAR: City police registered a kidnapping case of an Afghan national on the directives of Enforced Disappearances Commission after three years.

Chupan an Afghan national filed report with police on Tuesday stating that his son Mustafa was doing the business of clothes in Firdos Bazaar. Mustafa  went to his shop in 2015 and never come back to home. He said that family members searched him everywhere but couldn’t find him.

He tried to lodge a report with police and the same in 2015 but police refused to file his report, however, he stated that he submitted an application in the commission and commission ordered police to register kidnapping case of his son. Police registered case against unknown kidnappers and started investigation.

It is important to mention that more than 300 people had been missing from Peshawar and on the directives of the Enforced Disappearances Commission Islamabad, Peshawar Police registered their cases.

Meanwhile, unknown car lifters had stolen a car from a citizen in the jurisdiction of Paharipura Police Station.

Anwar ud Din, filed a report with police and stated that he parked his car bearing registration number LEO 8529 in Siraj Town and went to market. He added when he came back his car was missing.

Police registered a case and started further investigation.