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Kids’ declining interest in sports

WASHINGTON (Axios): 73% of parents with children in Generation Alpha (2013–present) said they encourage their kids to play sports, but just 33% of those kids actually play, according to a survey from Morning Consult, Axios’ Jeff Tracy writes.

Why it matters: Sports interest seems to have peaked with millennials — who largely comprise the parents of Generation Alpha — so engaging younger generations has become the sports industry’s key challenge.

The state of play: Gen Z (children of Gen X) began the trend of decreasing sports interest, coming of age in the tech and social media boom.

Generation Alpha, the first generation to be born into a world with iPads and Instagram (both launched in 2010), are continuing that trend as they come of age amid an overabundance of content choices.

Worth noting: The age range targeted in the survey (kids born 2013–2017) is incredibly young, so it’s wise to take the results — which again, are parents answering on their kids’ behalf — with a grain of salt.

Between the lines: The impact of the pandemic can’t be overstated, as any positive momentum kids may have had regarding their sports fandom or participation hit a substantial one-year snag.

Yes, but: That hasn’t stopped sports leagues from being proactive in their efforts to win back younger consumers by meeting them where they are.

The NHL’s “Breaking the Ice” pilot program, similar to MLB’s “Fun At Bat” program, focuses on at-home activities with instructional videos.

The NFL scored big with its Nickelodeon gambit, as their made-for-kids playoff game broadcast in January attracted the channel’s largest audience in nearly four years.

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