Kids’ Dyslexia Test made compulsory for school admission, Act passed

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Under the new law, all schools to have teachers, and staff with expertise in dyslexia to remove students’ difficulties in readings

Taking a revolutionary step, the Pakistani parliament on Wednesday passed the Dyslexia Special Measures Act 2022 to remove the reading and writing difficulties of school children.

According to reports, the bill is called “Dyslexia Special Measures Act 2022”, under which special training programs for children facing “dyslexia” will be started in educational institutions across the country.

Teachers will be given world-class training so that they can improve the educational skills of children by removing the difficulty of reading and writing.

Under the law, beating, mental torture or harassment of such children will be prohibited in all educational institutions.

According to the legislation, the children will be tested at the time of admission to school, which will confirm that the child does not have the problem of ‘dyslexia’ so that they can overcome this difficulty in learning.

Under the law, all schools will have teachers and staff with expertise in dyslexia. Dyslexia therapists will be placed in every school.

Relevant rules will be framed within 120 days of the passing of the law to implement the special measures.

Among the people suffering from ‘dyslexia’ are the world’s most famous personalities including the Parliamentary Secretary Zeb Jaffar who presented the bill in the parliament.

According to a report, the number of people facing the problem of ‘dyslexia’ in Pakistan is said to be 20 per cent.

Courtesy: (24newschannel)