Kiev again managed to cheat the IMF: How it was

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Valery Mikhailov

Last week, it became known about the allocation of the IMF to Ukraine of the next (delayed by more than a year) tranche of a loan of $ 700 million, and with it the country signed a new memorandum with the fund – with new obligations to it. And only a few days later the content of the said memorandum became known. Its study allows us to conclude that even more fantastic prospects are now opening up for Ukraine, its economy, people and even the authorities.
It is difficult to imagine who in this happy European country can be against the Russian attack by the US State Department , which was promised at first by the US State Department , and with its submission a couple of weeks later by the military intelligence of Ukraine .
To begin with, it is worth recalling that the current stand-by lending program for $ 5 billion was agreed upon by the parties in June last year and, by the way, should have been completed literally in a week and a half. Ukraine should have already been provided with all five billion, but in reality the country received only the first tranche of 2.1 billion immediately upon the approval of the program. By the way, she received them then in the form of a “cookie” for:

  • the adopted law on the land market;
  • transfer to the IMF de jure, and not only de facto, full control over the National Bank of Ukraine and even its partial withdrawal from the legal field of the country;
  • a number of tax cha-nges in the interests of inte-rnational financial speculators and multinational companies.
    Two billion dollars plus a loan does not seem like such a big amount for such excellent decisions of the Ukrainian authorities.
    But in order to receive the following tranches, the “Western partners” designated a new scope of work from concessions and obligations:
  • to approve the program for the reduction of problem loans for state-owned banks (approved long ago);
  • to release gas prices for the population, abandoning social tariffs (it was fulfilled, but in the winter of last year they backed up);
  • to bring the charter of “Naftogaz” in line with the norms of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, that is, completely and finally tran-sfer it to the management of “Western partners” (here th-ey were thrown, generally taking management under the office of the president);
  • to transfer the judicial system under the control of “Western partners” (at the very least, they passed laws and even formed bodies that, under Western control, will purge and place the right people in the system);
  • to continue the medical reform “named after Suprun”, as well as the educational reform in its image and likeness (in progress).
    Three out of five key commitments have been fulfilled. Quite a lot to get one tranche out of several remaining ones. Moreover, in the June memorandum of last year it was agreed: to receive the second tranche in September 2020, it was enough to approve a program to reduce problem loans for state-owned banks. But just then an epic unfolded with an attempt to dismiss the head of the so-called National Anti-Corruption Bureau, Artyom Sytnik, who works for Washington entirely . And in the end, the money was not given simply for political reasons – in spite of the memorandums. Later, the Ukrainian authorities had other flights. In winter, against the backdrop of the beginning of the riot, she introduced controlled tariffs for gas and heat. And then she squeezed out ” Naftogaz“Perhaps Ukraine would not have received any tranches, but politics intervened again – against the background of the hysteria inspired by the West about the impending attack, Russia had to somehow support the“ partner”.
    At the same time, the program itself was extended by six months – until June 2022. And now Ukraine will be able to claim the remaining $ 2.2 billion if it fulfills the conditions of the new memorandum. Here are the main ones in chronological order.
  1. Until the end of the year, vaccinate at least 17 million people against coronavirus with drugs purchased in the West (now – ten million; coercive measures will be intensified).
  2. By the end of the year, publish a full audit of last year’s Coronavirus Fund. Most of it went to road construction, from which Zelensky’s team “lights up” quite well (that is, this is dirt on the president).
  3. By the end of January, develop and approve a roadmap for the full or partial privatization of state-owned Privatbank and Oschadbank, in particular, their “sale to international investors with an impeccable reputation.”
  4. By the end of January, appoint an “independent” supervisory board (SB) in Naftogaz (return control over the company to the West) and Operator GTS (transfer control over the gas transportation system to the West). Moreover, to expand the powers of the National Assembly under state-owned companies.
  5. By the end of April, reorganize the High Council of Justice with the help of Western “independent experts”, which will pave the way for the purge of the judiciary.
  6. By the end of May, corporatize the state-owned Energoatom and create an “independent” National As-sembly (in the light of the amazing story with Westin-ghouse, it is very significant).
    It is obvious that these obligations, as well as a number of less significant ones not listed, are aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s colonial dependence on the West. The transfer of control over all state-owned companies, over the judicial system, etc. will finally turn the power in Kiev into a fake one. And this is in exchange for penny loans.
    The commitment of the Ukrainian authorities to completely abandon the regulation of tariffs for gas and electricity, and hence for all other utilities, stands apart. If it is fulfilled, gas at the current price level in E-urope may well rise in price by four times, heat – by 3-3.5, electricity – by 2.5-3, o-ther services – by two times.
    It is very difficult to imagine such a development of the plot – despite the obvious stupidity and incompetence of the overwhelming majority of the representatives of the current Kiev authorities, even they are able to imagine what consequences this will lead to them. Therefore, of course, they will try to somehow get in the way of fulfilling part of the “colonial” obligations, especially from the communal ones. For example, after the transfer of the judicial system to the control of the West, the option of a possible recognition of the relevant laws as unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court is already being seen. On the “communal”, most likely, they will act by some half-hearted methods. It seems that the West is clearly aware of this. They also understand the impossibility of a one-time multiple increase in the cost of utilities for the population. And I think they are ready for this. Are willing to eat the elephant piece by piece, achieving three out of five or five out of seven commitments. The main thing is that the colonial status is fixed at the institutional level irreversibly. And it costs the West a mere penny.
    On the other hand, if the Ukrainian authorities are ready to subscribe to such fantastic conditions for some 700 million, and even during the period of the collapse of their popularity and just three months after they fell from the sky 2.7 billion dollars from the same IMF , this says a lot about the economic and financial condition of the state.

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