Kim Kardashian teases Kendall Jenner about her love life in TikTok video

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LOS ANGELES: Kim Kardashian has been caught trolling her younger sister Kendall Jenner’s love life in a new TikTok video with her daughter North West.

The video shows Kim and North standing in front of a vanity mirror while Kim styles her daughter’s hair. As they lip sync and dance to Santana’s Maria Maria, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Kim was wearing a black T-shirt featuring Kendall Jenner surrounded by five basketball players she’s been linked to.

The T-shirt read “Kendall’s starting five” and included the names of Devin Booker, Blake Griffin, Ben Simmons, Jordan Clarkson, and Kyle Kuzma.

While Kendall has been linked to these men over the years, she made it clear in a tweet in 2019 that she had only dated two of them.

Fans were not happy with Kim’s public mockery of her sister’s love life, with some calling it inappropriate and disrespectful.

One user wrote, “Is this normal by any stretch of the imagination? I wouldn’t want my sister to do this. And I would never do it to her. At least publicly.”

Another commented, “Kim’s shirt in the trailer has me screaming”

This incident comes after Kim’s recent feud with her sister Kourtney Kardashian over using her wedding as a business opportunity. It’s unclear what Kendall’s reaction to the video was, but it’s safe to say that Kim’s sense of humor may have gone too far this time.