Kim’s mukes and the world peace

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Foreign Ministry of South Korea has said that the Country’s top nuclear negotiator, Noh Kyu-duk, held separate phone talks with his counterparts of the US and Japan to discuss North Korea’s latest missile launches on Wednesday. Mr. Noh and United States Special Representative for North Korea Sung Kim exchanged assessments on the North Korea’s firing of two short-range ballistic missiles on Wednesday and discussed joint response of the two countries to their common foe. Later, Noh talked with Takehiro Funakoshi, Director General for Asian and Oceanian affairs at Japan’s foreign ministry on the same day. Both leaders agreed to continue to communicate based on the outcome of the trilateral talks held among the three nuclear envoys in Tokyo a week ago.

In fact, North Korea has conducted a test fire of a newly developed long-range cruise missile during recent days followed by test fire of two short-range ballistic missiles into the East Sea. The corrosive nuclear policy of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has created grave threats to regional peace particularly neighboring states South Korea and Japan. Kim is habitual of using nuclear weapons as foreign policy tool to gain its objectives at international level. Presently, North Korea is facing severe economic difficulties due to US imposed sanctions, COVID-19 challenge, and rising food shortage due to a pause in trade with China owing to coronavirus related restrictions.

According to experts, recent North Korean missile tests seem to be an attempt to divert the attention of the masses from domestic problems to external threats. However, the recent weapons tests have rung the bells in Seoul and South Korean leaders rushed to their allies including US and Japan to get some relief from the heightened intimidation of Kim. Such attempts attract the attention of the international community, which in turn calls the United States and its allies to engage the belligerent power in negotiations and provide a better ground to Kim in the face of the public. In fact, the weakness of Seoul encourages Kim to display its iron teeth to its weak neighbor, if South Korea manages similar military power, then Kim’s temperature would naturally cool down.

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