King Khan likely to do a Tamil film

King Khan likely to do a Tamil film

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NEW DELHI: The famed actor of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan after the biggest flops in the industry, plans to start his debut in Tamil Movies with Vijay’s upcoming movie ‘Thalapathy 63’.

According to PinkVilla, sources have disclosed that: “SRK has a prominent character that he’s playing in Thalapathy 63. It’s not like his other cameos. In fact, he is the main villain who comes in the picture only towards the climax. He has a good 15 minutes’ odd role, fighting Vijay. The makers wanted a leading face from the Hindi film industry to shoot for the role and when Atlee approached Shah Rukh for it, he agreed on principle to do it.”

“It’s a four or five-day shoot and the team is figuring out whether to film the scenes of the movie in Chennai or Mumbai”, the source added.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan opened up earlier about his movie which encountered a massive failure at the box office after its release.

“When it went wrong, I felt bad. That it got rejected by so many people… when you make a film like that for three years and it goes wrong… you get not depressed or anything but…I didn’t want to see it. I am going to see it after three months. Maybe I will be able to figure out when I am away what went wrong with it,” he stated.

It is to be said that ‘Zero’ which was produced by Shah Rukh’s Red Chilies Entertainment production company was one of the most expensive films till date.

In spite of a huge budget the movie had an abysmal result on the silver screens with closing on 100 crore budget in its first week while the budget used for its making was around 200 crore.

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