KP Cabinet of MMA to be completed by April 12: Mushtaq

Shafiuddin Shafqi

KARAK: Provincial President of Jamaat-i-Islami Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan has informed that the provincial cabinet of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal would be completed up to April 12 and districts cabinets up to April 25 with consensus.

This he said while addressing to the dastrabandi ceremony here on Sunday in a religious seminary in Dagar Nari area of district Karak and added that any formula for the award of tickets to the candidates of MMA has not been yet finalized.

He claimed that the tickets would be distributed on district level through mutual consultation and added that in case of any issue in any district on ticket then the central leadership of MMA would take final decision on it.

Mr Khan informed that the recommendations made by the district cabinets of MMA about the award of tickets would be sent to provincial leadership of MMA for final endorsement.

The JI provincial chief further said that religious seminaries were the forts of Islam and they would not let anyone to take action against it.

He added that real change would bring the 3.5 million students and Ulemas of the religious seminaries and added that human history had witnessed the most peaceful revolution in the world brought by the Islam.

He expressed heartfelt shock on the USA attack on the Huffaz in Qandoz province of Afghanistan and added that they would not forget the incident. He resolved that they would take revenge of every cruelty of the USA made against the Muslims.

He regretted that the leadership of Muslim Ummah was for sale now and added that the leadership of Pakistan could not dare to make demand of the Dr Afya from America.

He regretted that 1.70 million Muslims living on 22 percent of lands in the world and having 8 million regular armies with huge army budget of 171 billion dollars and 90 percent trade was being made through the occasions of the Muslims world but despite of that they were under the dominance of the West. The JI leader claimed that in Syria 0.5 million Muslims were martyred and Russia was using new weapons on daily basis against the Muslims.

He claimed that struggle for Islamic revolution was the responsibility of every Muslim and claimed that they would bring revolution through vote.

He asked the people to support the candidates of MMA to bring real change in the society and to introduce the system of justice according to the true teachings of Islam. On the occasion the district president of JI Maulana Tasleem Iqbal also spoke to the dastarbandi ceremony.